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Questions about Clan Brown

What is Brown

. The name Broun, interchangeable with Brown, is very common in Scotland and is of more than one origin. It is a common forename in Old English charters, as Brun, from an adjective meaning brown or dark red.
It also occurs in Old High German as Brunn, Braun or Broon and is the source of the French surname le Brun. A family of this name were owners of Cumberland lands shortly after the Norman conquests. In some cases it seems to be a namedescribing the appearance of the original bearers hair and/or complextion.

. The Brouns of Colstoun were heads of the family untill the 1890's but are no longer officially recognised as such by Lord Lyon's Court, Sir William Windsor Broun 13th Baronet of Colstoun of New South Wales, Australia, is recognised by Lord Lyon's Court, and the College of Arms. The Brouns of Colstoun claim descent from the Royal House of France. They bear on their shield the three fleur-de-lys of the French Monarchy. The Brouns of Colstoun also claim descent from George Broun who in 1543 married Jean Hay second daughter of Lord Yester, ancestor of the Marquess of Tweeddale.

. The dowry consisted of the "Colstoun Pear" which was said to have been invested with wondrous powers by the 13th Century wizard and necromancer Hugo de Gifford of Yester. This pear was meant to ensure unfailing prosperity on the family which possessd it. The pear was said to have been as fresh as the day it was picked until in the 17th Century a pregnant descendant, longing for the fruit which was out of season, took a bite of it, whereupon it became as hard as rock. Patrick Broun of Colstoun was created a Baronet of Nova Scotia in 1686, the title to be passed on to his male heirs.

. On his death he left only a daughter who inherited his possessions while the title went to the male branch of the family. Members of a younger branch of Broun of Colstoun settled in Elsinore, Denmark where they became prominent merchants; the name is still found there today.

Am I eligible to join?

We welcome anyone who desires to join the Clan Brown Society. Our official position is stated in our Statement of Purpose which follows:

The Clan Brown Society is a charitable and social organization. It's objectives are to establish, promote and increase kinship and good fellowship among the descendants of ancestral (Brown's)Broun's of Scotland, under our Clan Chief, Sir William Windsor Broun 13th Baronet of Colston and the Clan Chief of the Brown's of Scotland. It also strives to research their history and genealogy within Scotland and worldwide, and to foster and promote a common understanding and friendship with those of similar ancestry and minds around the world. Society membership is composed of men and women who are descendants of any Scottish person surnamed Brown, together with anyone with an interest in the Browns of Scotland, their history, and things Scottish. All persons are welcome to Join.

How do I join the Clan Brown Society?

Application forms are available on our web site. Fill it out then click on file and click Print twice and mail one of them to our genealogist and mail the other with your payment to our Web Master.

Where can I buy a Kilt in the Clan Brown Tartan?

See information on ordering at Geoffrey the Tailor in Scotland 800)-566-1467, or
J.Higgins Inc. Lenexa, KS. 800) 426-7268 or
The Clan Brown on Line Store at Also at
They all also sells ties, scarves, sashes and other items. Hats,Tee Shirts, Coffee Cups, HatBadge's and Kilt Pins can be bought direct from Clan Brown .

Alternatively, you can contact your local Kilt Maker and ask them if they can obtain the Clan Brown Tartan, which is woven by many of Scotland Textile Manufactures. However, the fabric is subject to a surcharge and you may find that it will be more expensive Direct from the manufactures. You may also order yardage from Gibb MacKenzie and have your local Kilt Maker use that to make your kilt.

How do I find out about Games and Festivals in my area?

Look at our Games & Events page. The games and date are kept up to date however, Some of the data may become outdated since our Representatives are busy people. It is advised that you contact the people running the games at the Phone numbers provided, before you travel a long distance and make sure that things have not changed. If you live in a state where we don't have a Representative, and you would like to set up your own tent at one of the games, contact one of our Officers for more information.

What is the MOST fun I can possibly have?

Come to the Annual Gathering & Meeting (AGM) . We hold our annual business meeting and attend a Scottish Games event as a group at Loon Mountain every Year. Expect many friends, old and new. Good music, Good conversation, Clan Brown history lessons and we even get a little business done at the meeting.

What does Floreat Majestas mean in the Clan Brown Crest?

Like all Latin mottos it can be interpreted in a number of different ways. A literal translation would interpret it as "Let Majesty Flourish". "Majestas"in classical Latin meant majesty. Indeed the English word majesty comes from it. "Floreat"is the third person singular imperative tense of the verb meaning to flourish, or in some sense to flower. "Majestas" in medieval Latin came to have a different meaning closer to treason. An alternative translation may be "Let Majesty Flower". My Son has pointed out in his book that other Browns have mottos such as Famae Studiosus Honestae, Croolet fitchee, Rex Scotorum Omnibus, Reseruato Libero. Each generation had a different motto. However by rule of the Court of the Lord Lyon and Scottish Heraldry, the original motto used belongs to the male side of the Family, and therefore to the Clan Chief, Sir William Windsor Broun 13th Baronet of Colstoun.

Jaythomas J. Brown
Web Master
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Lynn, Massachusetts


The Clan Brown Society, is an International , educational, secular, non-profit society formed to promote the perpetuation of Gaelic-Scottish Culture, traditions, customs, literature, and music.